Baseball Manager Acquisition

Blue Goat Systems, LLC (dba Diamond Fantasy Sports) announces that they have agreed to purchase Baseball Manager (BBM) from GameLine LLC. 

Statement from Steve Clark (Blue Goat Systems owner):

** Settles into the chair in a new office. Looks around grinning. Pinches self again.  Hard to believe that I'm sitting in the BBM front office **

First and foremost, I would like to thank Josh and Alain (GameLine LLC owners) for their years of running BBM.  Without them, the game wouldn't exist as we know it. I also appreciate their willingness to transition ownership and management of the game so many of us love in 2022. Josh and Alain have been tremendous to work with.

As a longtime BBM manager - started playing the game when it was owned by Prodigy (I still remember my Prodigy login) - I am excited to continue the game.  I currently play in four leagues (Hyperion, JCs Brawlers, George Brett, and Rounders) - all AL leagues. 

I am an IT professional, but am not a professional developer ... although I do have experience programming (and have family with experience as well). I have decided to take on a new challenge. You will quickly see my passion for this game and not only my desire to keep it going, but to grow it 

In 2022, expect some small changes/additions, but mainly the efforts will be focused on learning the nuances of running the game.  Like many of you, I have many bigger ideas on how to improve and attract more people to the best fantasy baseball game there is and (hopefully) will begin implementing those starting in 2023. I will be sending a survey out soon to all managers asking for your input - I'm sure that you have great ideas too.

I couldn't be more excited about the future of BBM!  Now we just need the MLB and MLBPA to get on board so we can start this season on time! 🙂

Head on over the Diamond Club ( and we can chat more.

Thank you,

Steve Clark (Action)